Healthy Late Night Snacks For Weight Loss

1: Hummus

There are frequently also lemon juice, garlic, black pepper, and roasted red chiles present.

Made from legumes, tahini, and olive oil, hummus is a nutritious condiment or dip.

2: Fruit

As long as you're not on a ketogenic or extremely low-carb diet, fruit can be an excellent late-night snack.

To increase satiety and prevent blood sugar surges, it's best to choose low-sugar fruits.

3: Cottage Cheese

Greek yogurt or cottage cheese with berries, slivered almonds, flaxseeds, and cinnamon is a healthy snack before bed.

Cottage cheese and Greek yogurt are both rich in satiety-inducing protein, making them satisfying choices.

4: Lean Protein Shake

If your calorie requirements are higher or if you did not consume enough throughout the day.

Protein powder is a simple and fast way to prepare a low-calorie evening snack for weight loss.


As a weight-loss-friendly dessert, you can prepare muffins packed with vegetables. 

Replace a portion of the oil and sugar with zucchini, sweet potato, or pumpkin puree.

6: Air-Popped Popcorn

Low-calorie air-popped popcorn will satiate your craving for a satisfying crunch in a late-night snack.

You can enjoy a fairly large quantity of popcorn while watching television without consuming hundreds of calories.

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