Quick And Easy Hairstyles For Working Women

Scarf updo

Get a scarf or a thick hair band and wrap sections of your hair around it to achieve this classic yet fashionable style.

Knotted ponytail

Separate your hair into two even sections, then cross one section over the other and pull each side to secure the knot. 

Extra-long ponytail

Simply by separating the top and bottom sections of your hair and binding them separately, you can create a long, voluminous ponytail.

Top knot

Make a high ponytail with your hair, then divide it into two sections and twist them before winding them around the base of the rubber band and securing it with two bobby pins.

Flower braid

Take two large sections of hair from the front and secure them with a rubber band at the rear.

Topsy tail  hairstyles

This is the simplest method to spruce up your regular ponytail. The hair should be tied at the base of the neck. 

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