Popular American   Foods: The 6 Most Popular

Bean burrito

They are an Americanized rendition of Mexican cuisine, and you would not find them in Mexico, at least not in the familiar form.

Cheesy fiesta potatoes

The dish consists of delicately breaded, crispy russet potatoes coated with nacho cheese and low-fat sour cream.

Thai iced tea

Thai iced tea recipes differ, but the beverage is typically composed of brewed black tea, sugar, and spices such as star anise.


In New York, 6,000 liters of milkshake were blended together to create the world's largest milkshake.


Few cuisines are as iconic as the humble hamburger, and Connecticut is responsible for the creation of this all-American dish.

Chips and queso

So it comes as no surprise that cheesy queso sauce is one of our favorites.

6 Most Popular Foods in America