Low-Calorie Snacks That Are Filling & Tasty

Greek Yogurt

The protein will help you stay fuller longer, and when paired with fiber from berries, you have a nutrient-rich, satisfying snack for under 150 calories.


Can't decide if you're craving something tart or sweet to nosh on? Grab a handful of raspberries!

Toasted Coconut Chips

Sure, piña coladas may be off the table while pursuing a low-calorie snack. 


Snap out of your afternoon slump with this healthy, low-calorie snack that can take your tastebuds on a trip to the Mediterranean.

String Cheese

That's 15% of the recommended daily value for calcium, which research shows is incredibly beneficial to bone health.


Carrots are a versatile low-calorie snack you can dunk in protein-rich hummus or any number of nut butters. 

Cucumber Slices

Feeling especially famished? Top your cucumber slices with a lean protein, like hummus, chicken salad, or a little bit of light tuna to feel extra satiated.

Roasted Chickpeas

If you're all hummus'd out but still want to capitalize on the health benefits of chickpeas, try roasting them in the oven!


This snack is loaded with antioxidants and over 3 grams of fiber per cup, allowing you to fill up with very few calories.

Kale Chips

As a leafy green, this low-calorie snack packs a nutrient-dense punch while simultaneously mirroring the crunchy sensation of traditional chips. 

Hard-Boiled Eggs

Sometimes the best things really do come in small packages—at least, that seems to be the case with hard-boiled eggs.


A fiber-rich citrus fruit, eating a whole grapefruit fills you up with a little over 14% of the recommended daily value of fiber at nearly 4 grams per fruit. 

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