How to Sleep With Curly Hair

In order to avoid waking up with a knotted mess, it's important that you protect your curls or waves while you sleep with a protective hair style and some accessories to help.

Wear a Bonnet or Hair Wrap

For a more travel friendly approach to the vegan silk pillowcase approach, many curlies keep their curly hair in check with the help of a satin-lined bonnet.

Go for a Loose Bun

To try the loose bun method, apply your favorite leave in products to those curls. 

All of these methods are perfect if you're looking to preserve your natural curls. 

But sometimes, you need a little something extra — added pizazz to really make your curls pop. 

Bobby Pins

To curl your hair with bobby pins, simply roll each section of hair into a little cinnamon roll swirl and secure with criss crossed pins. 

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