5 Most Generous Zodiac Signs


Generosity is the one area—and trust me, there’s only one area—in which the Lion doesn’t let their gigantic ego get in the way. 


The very fact that they stand out from the crowd allows them to see the bigger picture and, piece by piece, nudge the present along toward a brighter future. 


Once you find yourself with a Capricorn who cares about you, you’ll realize they have an uncanny ability to discern what you need without you ever needing to ask them.


Sags are one of the happier signs, and they want to share that happiness with the world. 


As a water sign with deep intuition and vast reserves of compassion, Pisces feels your pain maybe even more than you do.

But the fact that they are basically a living, breathing Empathy Sponge can make them a little too soft for their own good.

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