4 Best High-Fiber Fruits for Weight Loss


Raspberries are great for their fiber, and, because they're rich in vitamin C, they can help support healthy skin. 

Their bright sweetness makes them perfect to snack on alone, or you can use them to top off your oatmeal or smoothie bowl.


Figs are often forgotten about, but as they're currently in season, it's the perfect time to enjoy the fiber-packed fruit.


Believe it or not, they are a single-seed berry, which is very strange." You're telling us!

Green Kiwis

Two green kiwis have about 5 grams of fiber, but it is so much more than 5 grams of fiber," the gastroenterologist stated.

This fiber absorbs water, and it helps to propel things through your intestines, which is why they have been clinically shown to improve constipation and improve gut symptoms.

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